AAPG Student Volunteer Recruitment

[AAPG SV RECRUITMENT] Requirements: 1. AAPG Student Chapter (Undergraduate Member) in University 2. Preferred to AAPG Member Who Will Come to IPA CONVEX 2017 3. Must Have Positive Attitude, Friendly, Active, Creative, Can Work Under Pressure and Motivate to Conduct Big Event 4. Have social Media: Instagram and Facebook 5. Must Follow: @AAPGIndonesia on Instagram … More AAPG Student Volunteer Recruitment


Prophet Muhammad SAW is my, your, and our hero. Celebrate the day with staying on His way and be a better person. Happy Isra Mi’raj, 27 Rajab 1438, for all moeslems all over the world #GTSCOfAAPG2017 #EmpowerYou

Happy Earth Day!

​Earth day firstly introduced by Garold Nelson, one of US senator and environmental lecturer in 1970. At that time, Gaylord Nelson proposed an idea about the necessity of environmental issues to be part of Curriculum in college. This idea received a massive support and reach its peak on April 22, 1970, where millions of people … More Happy Earth Day!

Happy Kartini Day

Happy Kartini Day for you and Hope you always be the better women for Indonesia. Make sweet our the homeland . Do not be the one who weak and still feel comfortable with discrimination   Puisi Untuk Ibu Kartini Penulis: Red face Ibu Kartini Kau adalah teladan bagi kami Kau sejajarkan kami di mata dunia … More Happy Kartini Day

Happy Easter

Whenever we see the CROSS, may it always be a sign of LIFE and HOPE, a reminder of everlasting love from Jesus! God is risen, come and praise Him. Have a blessed easter for all of you💙💙🙏🙏 #GTSCofAAPG2017 #EmpowerYou

AAPG BuzzFeed: 1st Edition

  Mediterranean sea is a sea connected to the Atlantic ocean located between Europe and Africa. In the few past years, the almost-enclosed sea is becoming one of the most promising area for the natural gas drilling. Zohr field arises as the most outstanding spot in the region. Sumber: Www.offshore-technology.com/projects/zohr-gas-fields Www.eni.com/en_IT/operations/stories-people/zohr.page